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Series-3 PlugPanel: It's here Now and it's still *FREE*

Welcome to the Next Generation PlugPanels.

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PlugPanel Series 3 - The Next Generation

PlugPanel - Creative Plugboards for the Future.

Plugboards have always been an interesting way to exchange links and promote your website.

These days webmasters are very wary of "exchange link" requests, as the internet progressively becomes flooded with more and more pornographic, illicit, scam and phishing sites.

Selective Search Engines

One overlooked "bad" link can see major search engines like Google or Yahoo suddenly demote your "top-ranking" pages to the bottom of the ladder! Fortunately, search engines have always looked favourably on Plugboards, presumably because the site owner has so much control over what plugs they accept, and also who the plugs are from.
Cap this with an interesting sub-culture of avid internet "pluggers", who compete amongst each other to produce the most creative and artistic of animated gifs, and you have a vibrant webpage of colourful images, each leading to more plugboards on other sites.

Older Plugboard Systems.

Unfortunately the technology of yesterday's plugboards has slowly became redundant, as internet technology has progressed so rapidly, particularly in the past few years.
These "old-school" plugboards were usually "flat-file" databased, and generally required FTP server access, and a basic knowledge of PHP or PERL to install and configure.
Editing or Deleting plugs usually meant downloading the datafile by FTP, and poring through the entries in a text editor. One bad edit would generally "break" the file, and then you lost all your links if you hadn't made a backup first. Then you would re-upload the datafile by FTP to your server, and cross your fingers that you'd made the right changes.

Text based Flat-File databases certainly have their uses, and are ideal for databasing a few items, but now we can move into the future with MySQL database systems that can process thousands of requests in less than the blink of an eye! Not only that, but all the data is readily accessible, so now you can have an easy to maintain Plugboard, with many many more easily controlled features.

Enter the Next Generation PlugPanel.

Series-3 Next Generation Plugpanel takes us to the future and beyond, with up to date technologies like MySQL databasing, No knowledge of PHP or PERL required, a simple easy to use Adminstration Dashboard, not just to maintain, but to control different aspects of your PlugPanels in Real-time!

PlugPanel boasts features like Spam Protection - Exposure and Click counting - Easy Edit or Delete Plugs - Copy/Paste to Install - Multi-Featured User Friendly Dashboard - Controlled Non-Adult Advertising - Mouse-over Statistics on Every Plug - Ezi-Plugs to save entering Image URLs - Add or Remove Panels with one Click - Works in most Blogs - No FTP access required - and many many more features being added weekly.

This is the latest - Oops -Info and Bug fixes on the new PlugPanels:

OOPS: Fixed 2 bugs - 28th Jul 08 - Fixed confirmation email send - Fixed 6hr limit on timebanners


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