PlugPanel Series -3
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Q- What is the Panel ID for?

A- The Panel ID simply enables you to keep unique statistics on your panels, track a cell phone, should you have 2 or more PlugPanels of the same type (eg: 88x31). These PlugPanels could be on the same site or spread across different sites. You CANNOT use the same code over and over, as each PlugPanel displayed would be sharing the same plugs! Therefore we assign each PlugPanel a unique Panel ID, instead of needing to create seperate accounts for each PlugPanel you have.

Q- Will my PlugPanel be full of advertisment plugs?

A- NO! Each PlugPanel will only have One Plug belonging to our advertisers, the rest are all yours. There are also two tiny adverts on the left, and one on the right of the input text boxes. Any other ads or promotions are usually PPC referal sites plugging on your PlugPanel. You can "ban" them from your Dashboard if they become annoying.